Saturday, January 15, 2011

FB12 proction comments...

I think that Firebird #12 was the longest to make, not because of it being especially hard as me just getting caught up in other interests. Though in my mind I never made a decision to stop producing this comic strip. This is one of my favorite hobbies- and one that doesn't even cost that much!
One thing I did differently is that I drew / inked / colored each panel blown up by 50% which made it a lot easier for me to add more detail and color by collage technique that I like to use.
I'm not sure if I really felt the art looked better this time around, I was happy with it- although I did have some trouble pasting the panels evenly mainly because I was rushing the printing step to get her done before end of December for a January release.
I thought I'd share a time line of when I finished each production step on #12;
script= 09/20/10
art layout= 10/16/10
pencils= 10/25/10
ink= 11/01/10
color comic strip= 11/27/10
add letters & logo= 12/17/10
edit (past panels & letters together on a board)= 12/24/10
copy FB12= 01/05/11
and distribution ended= 01/15/11

whew! it was fun though and I still have plenty of more stories in me to tell with Linda Park as Firebird~

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